Monday, 20 October 2014

The big bad red bug

I have been absent from the blog for a little while as we have been in hospital with our little man, we are home now and hopeful that things will continue to improve.

To help explain what was going on we talked to our little boy about the bug and that the doctors were trying to find it so they could help his body stop it hurting him. I talked with him about this bug and what it might look like and where it might be... I thought it was probably a green a spiky but my very unwell little boy was adamant that this particular bug was red, just red.

I wrote this poem for our little man and we have read it often. It has prompted a lot of discussion including where the big bad red bug might be hiding out, what the robot machine is doing, how the little army inside is working hard etc. Even though we are home my little guy asked me to read him the poem again and then exclaimed that the big bad red bug is gone with his cough and the robot machine has it... here's hoping!

Big bad red bug- A poem for Will J
By Megan Gallagher

The big bad red bug is lurking inside
It comes out and makes trouble and then it hides
My army of helpers that live inside me
Are searching throughout to find it you see
But that big bad red bug is sneaky it’s true
It hurts me and makes me feel hot and cold too
My army needs help so we call in the team
Doctors and nurses take some blood to screen
They’re looking for clues to help them to find
That big bad red bug and where it hides
The blood tests come back, a clue they all shout
Let’s give you some medicine to scare that bug out
The put a handy tube into my vein
So we can put an end to that red bugs’ mean game
It means that I have a special bandage to wear
And a robot machine that gets the medicine there
It takes a while for that bad red bug to be found
It knows it’s in trouble so it goes underground
But eventually big bad red bug is through
Thanks to my own army and the medicine too
I need lots of rest, fresh water and hugs
To recover from that mean nasty big bad red bug
Soon I’ll feel better and my own army will too

I wonder what colour your bug would be if this happened to you? 

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